Paris L’Amour

Name: Rayna
Stage Name? Paris L’Amour
How long have you been performing? : With the Belles, just since September 2017. But a little longer if you count other dance.
What was/is your favorite number to perform?: So far, I have only performed once with the Baby Belles, (Fever) but with shows coming up, I bet I’ll have a new favourite soon.
What does Burlesque mean to you?: It means letting out your inner sex kitten…being able to be unabashedly sexy, and having the freedom and confidence to do what you love. Oh, and of course, and the ability to put rhinestones and glitter on EVERYTHING!
If you were an inanimate object what would you be?: A bonfire… dancing brightly, sizzling… giving off sparks, and spreading warmth everywhere.
If you could be any other Belle for a day who would it be?: Ohhhh… that’s a tough one because all the beautiful ladies have their own magnetic personalities.
What is your personal mantra?: Live the life you love.