Moonlight Rouge

Name?: Carrie-Lynn
Stage Name?: Moonlight Rouge
How long have you been performing? : Roughly half a year
What was/is your favorite number to perform?: Shivas regal
What does Burlesque mean to you?: To me, burlesque is freedom. When I’m on the stage, I feel so free. Free to be okay with my body, free to be sexy, free to dance in front of a crowd and free to be whoever I want to be. It’s a high that I’ll keep coming back to again and again.
If you were an inanimate object what would you be?: I’d probably be a winter hat
If you could be any other Belle for a day who would it be?: Honestly I’d be any of them, they’re all so fabulous!
What is your personal mantra?: There are always people who will expect you to be something, their version of you per say. So find your version of you, and no matter what people throw at you, be true to yourself. You’ll be much happier when you do, and it’s what lead me to the stage in the first place. I’ll never go back.