Saffron Lovestick

Photo: Philippe Enguehard

Name?: Nicole Downton
Stage Name?: Saffron Lovestick
How long have you been performing?: Roughly 2 years
What was/is your favorite number to perform?: The first one! Such a rush of adrenaline pumping, the cheers from the stage, the proud faces of our Mama Belles, nothing has beaten that yet.
What does Burlesque mean to you?: Acceptance. Beauty. Glitter. Glamour. Friendship.
If you were an inanimate object what would you be?: A boa. So that part of me is left wherever I go!
If you could be any other Belle for a day who would it be?: Can I say all of them? Cause collectively, I imagine a Voltron like unit that could do the most amazing things!
What is your personal mantra?: Laughter is the best medicine!