Lolita Lawless

Name?: Selina Pinto
Stage Name?: Lolita Lawless
How long have you been performing?: 1 year
What was/is your favorite number to perform?: Blurred Lines/Word Crimes with Mistress Esmeralda
What does Burlesque mean to you?: Burlesque means being sassy, letting out your inner sex kitten, seducing the audience, pushing the boundaries of performance, and having a blast!
If you were an inanimate object what would you be?: A glittered bra – cleavage and glam!
If you could be any other Belle for a day who would it be?: Wanker Girl! The first time I saw her perform I wanted to be her! That confidence and teasing is amazing to watch!
What is your personal mantra?: On the latter of life don’t forget those people you pass on the way up.