La Belle Calypso

La Beau Calypso

Photo: Ashley Harding

Name?: Serena O’Rourke
Stage Name?: La Belle Calypso
How long have you been performing?: 8 mos, I’m still a fresh little baby to this fabulous world
What was/is your favorite number to perform?: To date my favourite number would probably be Upside Down by Paloma Faith. This number was expertly choreographed by Tabitha Katz and was the first time I had the opportunity to up my burlesque game by using both a chair and an umbrella in a number.
What does Burlesque mean to you?: This is not a simple question, to me burlesque means challenging my own personal boundaries. However, to me, burlesque also represents freedom, self expression, self love, sexuality, humour, storytelling and self acceptance all wrapped up in a little glitter and sass.
If you were an inanimate object what would you be?: I would be the internet. I know it’s not an object per sé, but it is housed on a collection of severs. Just think of all the fun to be had on the internet. The knowledge, the cuteness, the sexy, the dark side…..
If you could be any other Belle for a day who would it be?: If I could be any Belle for the day it would probably be Femme Metale. That kick ass lady has confidence up the wazoo and I greatly admire that. Plus she has killer dance moves and a thing for skulls.
What is your personal mantra?: Years ago a read this quote and ever since it has been a great motivator in my life. “Courage is not the absence of fear by the understanding that some things are more important than fear” sometimes you just need to remind yourself that there is nothing holding you back but yourself.